“If you had 7 seconds of someone’s attention, what would you do with it?”

I ask you this question as this is what you have, when you have someone’s attention.

So depending who that someone is, what would you say to them?

You’re answer is probably…”it depends…”
Sure, it always depends, but remove the context e.g. where you meet them, and just look at what you would say…

Next you would probably say…”it depends on what I want to achieve…”

Absolutely, your intention is important.

But if you want to move someone’s mind, for them to connect with you, and for you to feel ‘heard’ at a deeper level, then you’ll want to have something prepared.

This is the idea of ‘micro messaging’, starting with your tightest 7 seconds of content.
You may extend it beyond this, but if you don’t grab attention in the first unit 7 seconds you won’t get to the second, or the third. And know you have 30 seconds in total, unless you really connect and people give you more time on the stage of their mind.