In 2017 actor and comedian Will Arnett was filming in Cardiff Bay. 

I walked up to him and told him a joke, just horsin’ around.

I said there is a cool downstairs bar in town, ‘The Dead Canary’, with a ‘South Wales coal miner’ theme as… “After they came up from the mines, in the valleys, in the olden days, they would sit in a bar and have a nice cocktail.”

He said “Really?”.

I said “No!”, he laughed when he realised I was joking.

I call this the ‘Dead Canary Joke’ as it ‘died on two levels’, but seeing as he laughed, I have to apply some degree of artistic licence – “damn you Will Arnett for finding my joke funny!”

And just in case you don’t know, people in the ‘olden days’ used a canary to test whether there were poisonous gasses down the mines. Not the same canary, I mean ‘canaries’ in general.