What is 'We Dig' all about-


Have you seen people on ‘Social’ with a ‘We Dig’ heart yet?
If you haven’t you may well start to see it around, especially with ‘We Dig Mondays’ running each week now.

But if you are wondering ‘why’ and how you can get involved, I thought this post could help!

The problem:

When you build your business online you need to find likeminded people, and this can be tough.
Without it, you are on your own.
And if people don’t spread the word for you, then no-one knows how great you are.

The experiment:

We thought we would see what happens when you democratize and decentralize brand building using ‘We Dig’ – instead of trying to ‘hold on’ and protect an idea, a concept (We Dig, in a heart).

You build it, you own it.


This is a way to bring a community of people together, across all platforms – including Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Facebook…

And it is based on one main principle: help each other through spreading the word of other people in the WeDig network who you create.

The cost? At most it is the purchase of a domain name, or a t-shirt or two if you would like.

Let’s change the game, and do this together.

Want to get involved? (as an individual)

You could simply like/+1/share/comment/tweet some of the content, but you may like to build your own ‘We Dig’ as well.

To to this…

1. Think about your uniqueness and come up with a theme e.g. We Dig Movies
2. Go and buy the domain name e.g. wedigmovies.com [you may need to check on Trademarks in your territory]
3. Set up the Twitter account for that name
4. Set up a Google Collection

Google Collections
5. Use the hashtag #wedig  and e.g. #wedigmovies  if you would like
(this helps us surface the content)
6. Add one of these badges to your website – then link directly to the shared Twitter stream
7. +1, comment, share , like, retweet, etc. the content you find in the #WeDig  streams
This will help build your business/brand, and spread the content through Social.


We Dig – Twitter


We Dig Google+

I will also look for Google+ Collections, and will add some to an ‘Collection of Collections’ which already has over a million followers on Google+

Want to get involved? (as a brand)

You are free to do any of the above!
We also have some awesome ways you can help us spread the word.

Contact me here for more information.


We have several additional aims for this movement, the main one being to ‘see what happens’.
We want:

  • To help to see if a ‘rising tide can lift all boats’ – as mentioned above, helping people find their tribe more easily, and increasing engagement.
  • To raise awareness for our upcoming product launch for ‘We Dig Reviews’ – you can opt in for tips and to know when it launched too.
  • Inform people of the awesomeness of Dialectinc.com – the branding and content marketing agency we’ve been working with for the past 6 months.
  • Also, of the 350+ domains relating to ‘WeDig’ (according to domaintools.com) we own around 14, including the following:

wedig.xyx (our community URL shortener), wedigbusiness.com, wedigmarketing.com, wedig.biz, wedigreviews.com, wedig.reviews, wedigawards.com, wediglocal.com, wedigsocial.com, wedigmobile.com, wedigvideo.com

At some point we may well activate them, but please do contact if you have a super idea – we can either look to partner, or we can transfer the domain over to you.
If you are an existing brand, we may even transfer it at cost (like $10) to help the movement spread.
Contact me to discuss!


If you simply want to show the rest of the world you are part of something cool.
Then consider popping along here and buying yourself a t-shirt:

Click to buy a ‘We Dig’ t-shirt! – 3 colors available


Fun, huh?

And finally…

As I say, this is a bold experiment. And we will see how we roll!
We have a lot of brand awareness being build, gently, across all platforms – if you are ‘here’ then it is probably working.
The question is, will you ‘Dig it’?