Rebranding Mondays
Let’s face it, Sundays are dull, and by 7pm you just want to get back into the flow.
As such, in the Academy (a digital media training zone) we are working together to share the love of Mondays.
For the next for weeks, a group of people are coming together to raise awareness that as a self-employed person Monday is a great day for business.

Along the way, our members are learning about marketing and brand building across social media platforms, including Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter…

They are learning everything from lifting the standard of their visual images, to different ways to build relationships on each platform, to building communities through social play.

This is all part of a bigger community brand building exercise called ‘the We Dig movement’, but more on that soon…

As for today, enjoy it, celebrate it, and please contact me if you would like to be a part of it all.

Rebranding Mondays





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