In the same way as we sense that a joke that is ‘perfect’ was almost pre-written, waiting to be found, soon after I scribbled this image into my notebook, I called Elisa and said it was “Too genius to be me.” I’m humble like that.

And if I had to describe consciousness to someone, or to inquisitive Ai, I would start with this drawing:

Continuing the education, I would say that one of the large boxes was ‘This’ and the other box was ‘That’, it doesn’t matter which one.

Now, here is the game for you… (and one that I would ask anyone to play), look to build a list of mutually dependant concepts.
I’ll start you off:

  1. Inside/Outside

Once you get to about 10 you will probably start to see how the mind works.
It  may also help you to see why a set up and a punch of a joke fit so well together.