FantasticThis is a powerful concept – every colour you use, every font you choose, every shape you design a product to be, all the packaging you surround it with…will create an experience in ‘mind’ of people who experience it.

The first question is, what emotional response do you want to create?
Do you consider this for the different elements when sending out Google posts, or Facebook and Twitter?
Usually it is a ‘positive one’ but other ones can be utilised as well (e.g. shock can drive action to take action.)

The visual, combined with the words, will create the experience of the message.
When this happens, the emotion arises and the person will begin to move towards an action.

So, in this super quick post…

The more the visual/auditory influence the desired action, the more their have been successful at evoking the response from that emotion arising in mind.
So the process is: Image/Words (lead to) Emotion arising in mind and body (lead to) desire to respond to that experience.

When you market anything, you are therefore, you may like to be aware of this process and consider the positive outcomes you are seeking.

A full sensory experience…

The same will apply to all of the senses – this is when people who ‘taste’ what you have will often want to buy it (assuming the taste it good.)
The more senses that are evoked will often increase the intensity of the experience in mind, depending on the nature of the sensory inputs.

Marketing often includes seduction of the senses.

As you can see from this ‘fantastic’ post, with the image attached, my intent is to drive your emotions into an even more positive place. This is a large part of marketing ideas – people will connect when they relate to the positive emotions they experience when engaging the senses through e.g reading.

There is a little more to it than just senses but this will will certainly form a large part for many products/brochures/signs etc. As such, it is useful to step back and consider the response to every image, every font and every word you use. And, of course, it is very useful for us all to be aware of this process as well as it can increase the choices in our responses!



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