Heart - Star - Plus

Marketing, to me, is about influence.
In essence it is about influence a future decision by attaching some type of meaning to the perception process in order to influence a person’s response.

Think of it this way: 

perception, leading to response, from moment to moment.

The path with ‘hearts’

Could it be possible that when someone sees an object e.g. a heart, star, plus sign etc, in the real world, it could even possible to have that trigger ‘something else’ in your mind?

Disclosure – in order to build a brand the below exercise is intended to influence your future perceptions.
If you don’t want to be influenced then stop reading now! 

Ok, you were warned, so don’t blame me… here we go…

Over the next 7 days, notice every time you see a ‘heart’ – on tv, on a billboard, in a carpet etc.

Just note it.

Then realise that I’ve asked you to notice when you see a heart.

Then know the reason I’ve asked you to notice it, is because we have a heart at the centre of the ‘We Dig’ movement.

And dig means love.

Then, the next time you see a heart, not only will you notice there are lots of hearts about the place, but also recall the ‘We Dig’ movement branding too.


It won’t just be ‘red hearts’ either, the ‘heart’ are everywhere – and even in songs and displayed as words too.

This has to be one of the most well travelled symbols of all time, crossing cultural boundaries and transcending language.

Big Brands use this process all the time – usually attaching emotions to the brand, like happiness, joy, love etc.
And the heart is the one of three – stars and plusses being the other two I’ve seen the most – main symbols brands are hopping on to attach this positive vibe to their own brand.

Just keep an eye out. Hearts are everywhere. And they make you feel good.

A question:

“Is it appropriate to influence people’s behaviour in such a way?”, I hear you cry!

Fair point. And I know what Bill Hicks said about marketers (definitely NSFW) and so much of what you are doing online is in an attempt to influence people’s perceptions or actions – we may as well stare into the process by which this happens.

As for me, I am being transparent as to the process which I am using to influence your behaviour with the intent of education those who pay attention (literally) to the process by which the mind is influenced i.e. that of ‘perception’ and ‘response’.

And, I do stand-up comedy, so am always on the look out for new stories and material.

The We Dig Movement:

And one of the most important elements for you to know is this: the ‘We Dig’ brand is owned by anyone who wants to build it.

It is a truly an experiment in ‘community based brand building’.

More on that here: https://www.plusyourbusiness.com/what-is-we-dig/


And if you want to add the logo to your images etc. then they are here: www.wedig.xyz/logos

The more the network builds the brand, the more equity is has for everyone.

There you have it! A fun experiment for the community. And hopefully it will help you to understand the process of mind a little more too.

p.s. Ready to start hunting those hearts?