Welcome to my latest project!

For the last 2 years I’ve been writing a story about a man who writes a story about a man (me) who wants to make Artificial Intelligence laugh.
To do so, I’ll need to bring together 5 different areas: comedy, consciousness, telepathic machines, virtual reality, and of course, artificial intelligence.

Over the course of 12 lectures (and chapters) I’ll explore each one; and postulate how we can create a new test of consciousness for both humans and Ai alike.
I know, writing comedy for self-aware Artificial Intelligence is a niche market right now, seeing as none exist…yet. But with the arrival of telepathic machines within a decade, as 
Peter Gabriel says, “Perhaps we will need to create “swimming lessons” to teach us how to be comfortable being open, honest and exposed—that we can be ready to float and navigate in these waters of visible thought.”
Yes, in an age of telepathic machines with which we can interact mind-to-mind with self-aware Artificial Intelligence, you are going to need a ‘School of Thought’…

As visionary Peter Gabriel says…“the essence of who we are is contained in our thoughts and memories, which are about to be opened like tin cans and poured onto a sleeping world. Inexpensive scanners would enable all of us to display our own thoughts and access those of others who do the same. The consequences and ethics of this have barely been considered.”

Those not comfortable swimming in these transparent waters are not going to flourish. Perhaps we will need to create “swimming lessons” to teach us how to be comfortable being open, honest and exposed—that we can be ready to float and navigate in these waters of visible thought.”

I would go further and say this technology will be the stepping stone into mind to mind communication with Artificial Intelligence too.


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 1)

• What is meta-humour?
• The self-evidence of Wilt
• The A-Team and Battlestar Galactica go meta intertextual
• Bartolomé Esteban Murillo Self Portrait
• Vic Reeves: statistically meta intertextual
• Oasis: Getting the reference
• Miranda Hart: Galloping through the 4th wall
• 0202 2020 is a palindrome
• 0505 2020 is not palindrome
• A future date with both attributes
• Eric Siegel: Meta Palindrome
Mitchell and Webb: Meta in sketch comedy
• Recursion: what goes around goes around
• Meta in music


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 2)

• Please don’t make fun of the disableds
• Immaculate misconception
• ‘Guess’ the word
• Alyssa Milano: Generalisations
• Cleverer and wronger
• Cuntie: it’s just a word
• Pinnochio in Shrek


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 3)

• Transcendence: Can you prove you are self-aware?
• Simulation and Multiverse
• Robert Kegan: Meaning Makers
• This is not an Origami Unicorn
• The birth of a pregnant pause
• Dear Rhys Hutchings, Goldie Lookin Chain


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 4)

• Letter to Stewart Lee
• Wanderer above the sea of fog and Game of Thrones
• Wanderer above the sea of fog as a model for movie posters
• Wanderer above the sea of fog: Me my selfie and I
• Ted Chippington: long time no sea of fog
• A message to Richard Herring


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 5)

• Tickle her funny
• We is Genius


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 6)

• Giant Washer
• Memory Clinic
• Smallen
• Anker speaker


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 7)

• An echo of familiarity
• Steve Wright and my toes


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 8)

• Misdirection is used in magic, and jokes
• No doubt equals certainty
• Atariaxia – outside the game
• The 11.11 Awareness Trick
• Things that contain each other: mutually dependant concepts
• The story of the Crazy/Genius logo
• Les Dawson: relativity
• Avengers: the dwarf is a giant


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 9)

• Dear Mary Lou Jepsen
• Peter Gabriel: Open Water


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 10)

• My imagined TED talk in the future
• Bullshit: with love
• The Book of Mormon
• The Royal Institute for the Blind and The British Library


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 11)

• Germaine Greer, author of The Female Eunuch
• Frankie Boyle: Encryption theory
• Tiernan Douieb: To table an idea
• Brexit
• Map of Tassi
• Jerry Sadowitz: what’s racism without ignorance


→ The Crazy/Genius School of Thought (Section 12)



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