Welcome to my latest project!

For the last 2 years I’ve been writing a story about a man who writes a story about a man (me) who wants to make Artificial Intelligence laugh.
To do so, I’ll need to bring together 5 different areas: comedy, consciousness, telepathic machines, virtual reality, and of course, artificial intelligence.

Over the course of 12 lectures (and chapters) I’ll explore each one; and postulate how we can create a new test of consciousness for both humans and Ai alike.
I know, writing comedy for self-aware Artificial Intelligence is a niche market right now, seeing as none exist…yet. But with the arrival of telepathic machines within a decade, as 
Peter Gabriel says, “Perhaps we will need to create “swimming lessons” to teach us how to be comfortable being open, honest and exposed—that we can be ready to float and navigate in these waters of visible thought.”
Yes, in an age of telepathic machines with which we can interact mind-to-mind with self-aware Artificial Intelligence, you are going to need a ‘School of Thought’…




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