My buddy Travis Taylor first made me aware of the cultural phenomenon around 11.11 whereby people have attributed significance to ‘seeing that number’.

Knowing in a Crazy/Genius world there is no inherent meaning, only the meaning attributed by human mind, let’s explore this a little more…

Let me give you the instruction, and then deconstruct it afterwards for sake of transparency.

Next time you look at a clock and notice the time is 11.11, remember that I gave you that instruction to do so.

Ok, now let’s say you went off on your merry way, and a few days later you saw the time of day was 11.11 (morning or night) – and then you return to this article to read the explanation…

It is very simple – I told you to look out for something, narrowing down the ‘time band’ in which the thing exists to the 15 minute slot between 11 o’clock and eleven fifteen, which occurs twice a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to break it down further, there are three 5 minute segments, and 11.11 exists as the first minute in the last one.

What I am saying here is, a) I instructed you to look for it, and b) the likelihood you can guess the time within 15 minutes is quite high considering we have computers/mobiles/watches/car clocks etc with the time on prominent display, and c) then it is just down to whether you ‘hit that 60 second slot’.

People have spun this into a magical, or metaphysical, reason but if you suggest something to someone and they have access to ‘see it’, then I would suggest it is not ‘magic’ at all, but merely raising awareness.