I grew up with my Dad and Grandfather watching comedy that was not meant for a kid my age. And most of the time I wouldn’t understand it, but I never heard them laugh so much.

There is one such scene with comedian Dick Emery where he is a farmer with a stutter, talking about his brother, who he says is a “right c’c’c’conservative”.

The joke is simple – it set up is on the screen, but the punch happens inside our heads as we complete the stuttering with a different word.

Similar, but different, we can see Austin Powers start a joke on one scene, and give a punch line on another.
I’ve ‘bolded’ the start to a new scene below, so I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Colonel, you better take a look at this radar.

What is it, son?

I don’t know, sir. But it looks like a giant–



Take a look out of starboard.

Oh, my God,

it looks like a huge–


-Oh, where?

Wait, that’s not a woodpecker.

It looks like someone’s–


We have reports of

an unidentified flying object.

It is a long, smooth shaft,

complete with–

Two balls! What is that?

That looks just

like an enormous–

Wang! Pay attention.

I was distracted by

that enormous flying–



What’s that?

Well, it looks

like a giant–


-Yes, sir.

Call British Intelligence and let them know about this.

As you can see, sometimes not saying the punchline to powerful; and other times you can move the punchline to another scene. Both of which create a novel response, and often laughter too.