The Solution

When I originally wrote this puzzle I was thinking of the image of the hands writing themselves – seeing as we’re talking about a ‘self congratulatory circle jerk’.

But…either answer works for this puzzle! But you may have a preference of one over the other.

Each delivers a different conceptual experience, and ‘direction’ of a looping effect in the mind. The first is move of a circular motion anti-clockwise as the hands draw themselves, and the second is a clockwise upward and inward (initially) loop as the ‘drawer’ is seen in the reflection.

I first heard the phrase “Bluetooth in our hearts” at one of Richard Herring’s gigs, and I noticed it has a peculiar effect in mind – whereby the head and the heart ‘connect’ as you mentally puzzle ‘in your heart’ a concept ‘about the heart’.
Add in how Richard Herring and Stewart Lee were a double act, and you’ll see another connection to ‘an Escher Handy’.


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