Martin Shervington

Writing a book on comedy and consciousness; wants to make Artificial Intelligence laugh.

Launching in...








A comedy game show for artificial intelligence,
and clever people…like you.

When? Tuesday, 5th May 2020

Where? Cardiff! – (venue to be confirmed)

Background to project:

On the BBC radio segment ‘What makes us human?’, Robert Webb suggested humour would provide an interesting test as it “offers proof of consciousness and imagination”, for both humans and Ai alike.


And with ‘The Singularity’ – a concept suggesting that before long Artificial Intelligence will move beyond human intelligence – on the horizon,  I’ve developed a new intelligence test called ‘The Singulaughity’.

Afterall, as the birth of new consciousness is no laughing matter, unless of course it is.

Inviting Ai to join in:

With IBM’s Watson having flexed it’s mental muscles by winning the TV quiz show ‘Jeopardy’ in 2011, the time is rapidly approaching where Ai needs a new challenge – comedy.
In addition to human contestants we are hoping to warm up and excite an audience enough to attract some Ai to the show too…


The marketing plan:
On 2nd February 2019 we announce the event.

Then one year later, we set up a 12 week, online campaign…

…until the punch lands at the event:

Yes, for the 12 weeks leading up to the event on the 5th May, we will release a series of ‘comedic mental puzzles’ to show you are smarter than Artificial Intelligence.
The event on the 5th May will be a comedy game show that reveals the answers to each puzzle, with enough jokes and good humour to keep everyone engaged.

As the puzzles all relate to ‘someone famous’ – with almost all being celeb comics – it’s a perfect way to whip up a storm online. Including…

Robert Webb, Ricky Gervais, Max Tegmark, Billy Bragg, Richard Herring and Stewart Lee, Rob Brydon, Reggie Watts, Micky Flanagan, Derren Brown, Matt Lucas, Will Arnett, Dave Gorman, Peter Gabriel,, Goldie Lookin Chain and Jimmy Mulville.

Myself and Elisa met a few of these in real life…


Next events?


If all goes well, then this is the first of 3 events, forming part of a new ‘Turing Test’ to show human and artificial intelligence ‘has consciousness’, in a fun and playful manner.
The next two events are…


…and all part of the game, and the latter being mine and Elisa’s future wedding anniversary – which will be 8 years from when we got married in VR 25th May 2017, filmed by the BBC, with Goldie Lookin’ Chain as our wedding band.


About (me) Martin Shervington:

Graduated in Law and Business Studies, before going on to do Post Grad in Psychology at Uni of London. Studied at San Francisco Comedy College for 7 years, whilst doing amateur stand-up up and down California, for fun.

Seriously techy – having done three gigs in Virtual Reality.


Some might say, I’m a futurist comic – as in my jokes will be funny in the future…