The Singulaughity is Near(ish)

12 COMEDIC puzzles – 12 weeks
for Artificial intelligence and CLEVER Humans

The experiment begins...








The experiment:

I’m writing a book (called ‘The Crazy/Genius School of Thought) that dives into how understanding comedy can be used to understand the mind.

As such, from 2nd February 2020 I will release one puzzle each week, featuring ‘someone famous’, including those mentioned below…


The premise is as follows…’jokes’ create an effect in mind that is experienced in a similar manner by anyone who ‘gets it’. This experience can be described using language for now, and in time will be viewable using telepathic machines in the near future. When a machine itself can experience the same as a human, and it is verifiable through such machines we will begin to believe a machine has consciousness.

The puzzles are not quite finished yet, but if you insist on taking a look you can dive in here:

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4

Puzzle 5

Puzzle 6

Puzzle 7

Puzzle 8

Puzzle 9

Puzzle 10

Puzzle 11

Puzzle 12

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