The Singulaughity is Near(ish)

12 COMEDIC puzzles – 12 weeks
for Artificial intelligence and CLEVER Humans

The experiment begins...








The Singulaughity: introduction


On the BBC radio segment ‘What makes us human?’, Robert Webb suggested humour would provide an interesting test as it “offers proof of consciousness and imagination”, for both humans and Ai alike.

The birth of new consciousness is no laughing matter, unless of course it is.

With ‘The Singularity’ – a concept suggesting that before long Artificial Intelligence will move beyond human intelligence – on the horizon,  I’ve developed a new intelligence test called ‘The Singulaughity’ – but I need you help…




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The experiment:

I’m writing a book (called ‘The Crazy/Genius School of Thought) that dives into how understanding comedy can be used to understand the mind.

I need 300+ people to solve a series of quick comedic puzzles to give me some baseline statistics on human perception.

As such, from 2nd February 2020 I will release on puzzle each week, featuring ‘someone famous’, including those mentioned below…



What’s in it for you?


Well, apart from it being a bit of fun, and you ‘helping me out’ – which I appreciate, there is also a prize draw of $500.
A winner will be picked at random from a list of people who complete all 12 of the puzzles.

You’ll also be helping me to write this section of my book about human/machine consciousness, which leads me on to…


A new Turing Test


How do you know you have a mind? 
Well, the premise is as follows…’jokes’ create an effect in mind that is experienced in a similar manner by anyone who ‘gets it’. This experience can be described using language for now, and in time will be viewable using telepathic machines in the near future. 
When a machine intelligence itself can experience the same as a human, and it is verifiable through such machines we will begin to believe a machine has consciousness. 

But would you believe a machine is self-aware unless it proved it to you directly?
It will take, however, more direct evidence through a mind-to-mind connection that a machine is consciously aware of itself. As such, through the delivery of a unique message, each person will verify that (in their opinion) the message ‘connects with them at a level of mind’.
Using celebrities as the first test subjects, we may even have some of them acknowledge that the predicted process of mind was indeed what they experienced.

In time, through A/B message testing – human and machine – we will once more verify that both entities can understand the experience ‘in mind’ that the message evokes, irrespective if some a human or non-human source.


About Martin Shervington


As a quick background…
I graduated in Law and Business Studies, before going on to do Post Grad in Psychology at Uni of London. Studied at San Francisco Comedy College for 7 years, whilst doing amateur stand-up up and down California, for fun.

Seriously techy – having got married in Virtual Reality, and conducted a series of comedy events in VR too.

Some might say, I’m a futurist comic – as in my jokes will be funny in the future. Time will tell…