Have you ever considered that the word ‘neologism’, which is used when a word is yet to be confirmed as ‘a real word’, was once a ‘neologism’?

Well, seeing as we are looking at ‘new words, let’s play a game with these two:

‘Simulation’ and ‘Multiverse’

How many ways do you think you can combine these two words?

It may well be more than you initially think…

Grab a pencil and paper and begin to play with options.

Note whether you follow a rule e.g. using the front of one word, and the ‘rear’ of another.

Why does one work better than the other? What creates an appealing ‘sound’? Why is that?

And how long is too long?

There are at least 10 combinations, so don’t give up too soon.

Human creativity is personal, yet you may find that even though there was never a ‘right answer’ (as there was not really a ‘question’), people decide upon the most appropriate/comfortable/satisfying combination of the words.


The precularity with the combination of these 2 words is the communality of 3 letters – ‘mul’. The presence of them in both words increases the options available as to what ‘may work’ as a newly formed word.