In the early part of 2019, BBC Radio 6 presenter Shaun Keaveny’s developed a theme of a ‘Palindromic Time Check’.
He’d announce it was coming up to 13.31, which happened to be in the middle of the news; or that it was going to be 14.41 a little over an hour later – with a tone in his voice suggesting the silliness of it all.
Yet silliness is where so much fun lies – and palindromes ‘somehow’ do something in our minds that is unusual, taking the ‘forward’ and making it ‘backward’, and all the while staying the same.

The question now is, will Shaun Keaveny extend his theme to a Palindromic Time Check Day for 0202 2020? And if he does, did ‘The Crazy/Genius School of Thought’ influence him to do so? Time will tell.