There is nothing particularly magic about Palindromes, yet there is something ‘in them’ that grabs our attention.

Palindromes are words or phrases that can be read the same backwards or forwards. You can also consider numbers/dates in the same way.

But why should we care about such things? Aren’t they just linguistic accidents? The answer is ‘yes’ – that is exactly why we should care.

Did you hear about the people reading about palindromes? They got so stressed they ended up eating loads of desserts.

In this sentence above, you will see ‘stressed’ and ‘desserts’, which is stressed backwards – this is known as a ‘emordnilap palindrome’ (which is palindrome backwards). There are more here…

“drawer & reward, “gateman & nametag, “time & emit”, “laced & decal”  “regal & lager”. (Thanks to Lon Safko for those).

The rule of reading left to write to make sense of things, when it works the other way as well – and that is a novelty to us.

And here is a joke about Palindromes for…

‘Poop’, that’s what I call a crappy palindrome.