Google+ has options to share information and posts only to specific sets of people. You have the ability to restrict access to a posts, Youtube videos and Google Docs files to certain Circles or individuals. When setting up your ‘About’ tab, you can also set the visibility of each section as public, only to your Circles etc.

On Google+ you can choose to view your profile as the Public would or even as a specific person to determine who sees what.

Here’s a quick video to help you understand content visibility on some of Google’s services. For more tips and tricks, visit the “Are You Commoogling?” video series page.


Topics covered:

  • ‘Who’ sees ‘what’ and ‘where’
  • View Google+ profile as other users would
  • Managing access to videos uploaded on Youtube
  • How content is personalised in search engine results
  • Managing access in Google Docs and sharing to specific circles
  • Changing rights within a document e.g. edit, view, comment
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