Inspired by Chris Brogan’s post about networking with him at SMMW this year, I thought I would create one too!

1. First things first…and most imporant!

Please come and say hello! I am there to connect with you.
Really. I want to meet you.

2. If you would like my opinion about Google+ and its future, please feel free to ask.
It is only my opinion but maybe it will help you to connects the dots.

Want to know more? Watch this video:

3. Also know I am there to connect you up with people who I know too.

4.  Want to know how I got most a million followers? I built my following to 30,000 back in January 2013, using the methods I teach, and then worked on a community project with people at Google. From there they added me to the Suggested User List which has meant significant uplift in ‘my numbers’.

I believe it is good for social proof BUT all is takes is you finding your 100 brand evangelists on Google+ to get where you need to go i.e. YOU can do this too, with a little guidance. My SMMW15 session gives you step-by-step instructions on ‘how to’.
What else…yes…

5. If you ask if I would like a drink and I say sure, it will be either a coffee, sparking/still water, or a juice (preferably carrot and apple). Please know I am not drinking alcohol until Friday evening (and then it is a ‘maybe’) as I want every ounce of energy to go into the event, my speaking slot and the people with whom I meet. Nothing personal to you that I am not drinking, but this is business.

6. Yes, this is business. Even though I get to hangout with people like Ronnie Bincer, Mark Traphagen and Eric Enge who I’ve been so close too for years now, this is about networking for me. Which leads me to…

7. I tend to get up about 5am and go to bed about 9.30pm.

8. I am extremely high energy when I get excited. I talk a lot, and quickly.
If I talk too quickly, please ask me to slow down.

9. I am back doing stand-up comedy. And have very few boundaries, so realise that I will tend to ‘make the joke’ when I can.
Apologies ahead of time for that!

10. Some of the Plus Your Business team will be there filming in the lobby. Please connect with them too. John Settles, Travis Taylor, Mary Stovall, Brian Jensen, Wayne Brett. They are all awesome.

11. Oh, me and selfies – sure! BUT I would rather a normal picture as I do tend to make ridiculous facial expressions.
But what the heck. I’m all in.

12. On that note, I have a gap in my teeth (right hand side, which is ironically my ‘good side’ if such a thing exists).
I used to hide this fact by using a fixed bridge that clung tenuously, but I’ve decided not to give it up and go natural.
People may find it weird as my teeth are otherwise good. As such, I offer this warning: please don’t look at the gap too long as it is a wormhole to another dimension.

13. I won’t be actively ‘selling’ any products but if ask me about what we offer I will say:

a) PRO membership, which for another 2 weeks is only $995 (plus tax if live in the UK), including all the Academy courses.
b) if you want a taster of what you would get, I will give you a discount code for $70 off our $95 products here:

14. Thinking now about Twitterization – everything I say is public. There is no privacy unless I am in my hotel room, or maybe in the toilet. You are free to tweet on.

15. And please know re: Twitter, I don’t run the account myself (the awesome Martin Holmes does that) but I always +1 (that’s what it’s called I think) and reply to comments myself, but…

16. Please send me an email to [email protected] if you want to ask my advice on anything, don’t tweet the question as I am not great at replying well in 140 characters.

17. What else? Well, in terms approach I loved the frame Larry Benet set last year of “How can I help?” that is what I want to do. Just let me know how.

18. And what do I want? Nothing, except to be able to help, answer any questions you may have, and introduce you to awesome people.

That is it for now folks! Really excited and looking forward to re-connecting with old friends and making new ones.
It is the best business networking, in a social environment, that I’ve ever experienced.