The pathway to engagement on Google+ is different than on many other social networks.

Google+ isn’t centered around the people you already know, in fact, you’ll probably find the opposite is true. Your friends may not even be on Google+ yet, but the thing is…that doesn’t matter!

Google+ is interest driven. You don’t need to know anyone at the start, you just have to have similar interests.

This, to put it as simply as possible, is the basis of all engagement on Google+.

That’s all well and good but…well, where do you start looking for people who share your interests? Find out more in the video!


Topics covered:

  • Defining Engagement: +1s, Comments and Sharing
  • The ‘Home’ Stream
  • Visiting someone else’s profile
  • How to +1 and Comment
  • Recap on how to +Mention
  • Who has +1d and shared a post?
  • Understanding ‘re-shares’
  • A tip of the hat to say “Thank you!”
  • How shared content appears on your profile/stream.
  • Recap: editing a post and adding in #Hashtags
  • How relating with people encourages Circling

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