Welcome to the “Are You Commoogling?” video series, showing you the ins and outs of getting started and thriving on Google Plus!

Today, we have a short video on how to set up your Google+ profile. I hope this is helpful! For more Google+ Tutorials, check out the “Are You Commoogling” Series overview page.

This video covers:

  • Choosing the best profile picture
  • Choosing a cover photo
  • Filling in the ‘About’ section

Check out the summaries below for more info.

Choosing the best profile picture:

Your profile photo is the first impression other Google+ users have of you. Using a friendly looking headshot makes your profile more relatable and personal! You always want to be aware of what sort of impression you’re giving people when setting up your profile.

Make sure you use an image that is at least 250x250px in size, otherwise the image will look fuzzy. You don’t have to upload a square photo as Google allows you to crop the image before you publish.

Choosing a cover photo:

Like your profile photo, the cover photo is an opportunity to make a good first impression. Try using a custom image that shows people a little bit about yourself. Try not to use too much text.

Filling in the ‘About’ section:

Tagline: A short and sweet summary. Just a single sentence. This appears when users hover their mouse over your name on Google+.

Introduction: A more in-depth biographical section. This section can be as long as you like. Tell users about who you are, what you do and which areas of interest you like to discuss. This will give people a good idea about which Circles they should add you to. Try “Add me to your Circles if you enjoy…” followed by a list of topics.

You can use bullets, numbering, bold and italic formatting for emphasis in this section.

If you want to prominently display links to your website, blog, or similar, you may add links to those here. Remember: “Example Blog” looks a lot nicer than “http://example.com/blog” so use regular text and hyperlink that. You’ll have an opportunity to add links to your other social media profiles and favorite links later.

Occupation and Employment: Here you can add your current and past employment. Google+ is a wonderful platform for both personal and professional networking, so consider at least filling out your current occupation.

Education: Fill out your education history for professional reasons, or to make it easier for friends to find you on Google+.

Places lived, contact info etc: There are also areas to fill out the places you’ve lived, contact information, relationship status and more. Whether you fill these out is up to you. Many users don’t find it strictly necessary to provide all of this information.

Other profiles, Contributor to, Links: These are pretty self explanatory. Provide links to social media profiles, web pages, blogs or any other external content here.

Profile Visibility:

Any of these entries in your “About” section can be shown publicly, only to your Circles, to certain Circles, or not at all on a case to case basis. Provide as much or as little information as you like, but be advised that sharing too little makes it less likely for people to add you to their Circles.

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