7 hints and tips for building Google plus pages for business

This article is intended to give you some tangible steps you can follow yourself, but keep in mind there is a lot to Google+!

Firstly, why should a business build a Google page (or more)?

With ‘Pages’ a business or organisation has taken the first real step into Google Plus.

If it is your business, with a physical location, you can verify this/tie it into your Google Local profile – this could well get your more visibility in the search engines. But as I say, there is a lot to ‘Pages’ and it will really depend on how you want to use them.

How to do it?

The instructions within Google+ are very easy to follow. Just decide on a name of the page, category, description and you are away. You will want to add image and some content as well before you launch it, as this will help with people’s decision to ‘follow’ you.

Hints and tips:

1. If you share a post originally made from a page via your profile, it can be an effective way to get plusses/comments/shares.
It also lets people know that you are building the pages.

2. You can stream the posts from a page back to a website using a plug in here:
http://www.minimali.se/google+blog/ from +Daniel Treadwell
I paid the $10 and it works very well on a WordPress site.
You can also add the badges to the site, linking the +1s you get

All this could well help you with search engine listings if you build it into a broader strategy.

3. You can build up a list of people from within the page itself to notify of new posts.
This is very important as you are far more likely people will see the new content. This is a mailing list of the most dedicated followers to your pages – nurture those relationships.

4. Pages can go onto ‘What’s Hot’ as much as profile posts.
The exception I have found is possibly when there is a www.website.com linked to the page. This seems to make the selection of these posts more ‘reluctant’ (algorithm or curated) to go on the list.
Going on the What’s Hot list, however, can help gain more people following them that are outside your circles.

5. I am using my own photo to help people to relate to some pages – this I have found helps people relate to the page i.e. they know it is mine. This isn’t always necessary, of course, but it could be a handy tool on occasions.

6. I’ve noticed people generally comment less on a post from a page than they do from my profile.
Once comments flow, however, they do pick up and a ‘culture’ of that post is formed.
‘+1’ comments and reply as much as you can. Interaction on pages is just as much the key as it is on profile posts. When you find the people who relate to you the most, you will find pages start to take off!

7. Pages are will take time to build so be patient!
As a business you may well want them to be instant successes.
Gauge the feeling in the community toward a page BUT don’t be disheartened if they don’t jump on it straightaway.

You may be building it for the next five years so consistency in a direction matters as this is not a short term approach.
We don’t know what will happen next with vanity URLs for pages but it may well be worthwhile considering your branding as well…

Also, you can ask other people to help manage the pages – this will help you to spread the administrative load if they really take off.
Also know that you can transfer ownership of pages. This could become very interesting for the future…

+Thomas Morffew also informed me of a very cool extension to help manage notifications on multiple pages:


Anyone with a ‘business’ focus can build up a brand and in time could well drive good quality, relevant traffic to a website as well. This is still early days on Google+ and I know getting started is often the biggest battle.
Have fun finding your own niches and let me know how you get on.

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