Google+: The Passion Platform

Guy Kawasaki What the PlusWhen I began my Google+ journey I thought to myself, “Wow! Google+ has people who are really passionate about it”. Then, being someone who looks to learn from the best, I bought Guy Kawasaki’s book ‘What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us’.

As it turns out, Google+ was very different from other social platforms. It’s driven by passions and interests, not by existing personal relationships.

I contacted Guy to congratulate him on such a great book and he replied within the day with a really positive email saying how much he appreciated the positive feedback.


That simple email to a chap I’d never met before was the start of making an inspirational connection. As such, I contacted him again when I started shaping up my book ‘The Art and Science of Google+’ and he took out the time to give me the bullet points of changes that would enhance it even further.

Here I am about 10 months later, having written my own book on Google+ and having built an awesome personal network.

Here is the thing, I am not sure I would have written ‘The Art and Science of Google+’ if I hadn’t read Guy’s book ‘What the Plus!’. He provided the foundations for so many essential aspects of the platform and the Google+ culture as well.

Even now I recall reading a section when he says “don’t ask to be put in Circles!”, and looking back it was such a significant bit of advice for anyone on Google+.


Where to get your own copy

So, have you read this book yet? Well if you need any more encouragement to spend and hour or two getting yourself orientated further:

Guy is giving away copies of “What the Plus!” for free! Click here to download.


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