Guy Kawasaki APEIn a previous post I wrote a bit on the advantages of self publishing, as inspired by Guy Kawasaki’s latest book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

Here, Guy talks about using crowd sourcing, involving the public, in the process of writing and editing a book.

From outline to final draft to promotion, involving your network in the creation of your book can be immensely helpful! They can tell you where you’ve made mistakes, what you’re missing, and more. Check out the video below:


Going ‘APE’ with Guy Kawasaki! FREE Hangout on Air course for authors

Guy will be joining me for the first in a series of four Hangouts On Air to inspire authors everywhere to publish their own books!

Check out the Event Page on Google+ here.

…and watch the first installment of the course here!

Four free eBooks from Guy Kawasaki

Did you know that Guy has graciously offered four of his books, What the Plus!, The Macintosh Way, Database 101 and Computer Curmudgeon as FREE downloads?

Get your free eBooks here!

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