If I had to pick my favourite Groucho Marx quote it would probably be, “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member” as the logical paradox is appealing.

But in the movie Duck Soup he plays with the word ‘either’, pronouncing it one way and then the other.

One can do the same with neither/neither too.

But either/either one that you use, it creates a president (yes, I did that) that allows you to see other words with the same quality. Including, Remote/Remote – like a beloved remote controller, being remote from you, so rarely close to you when you need it. And the band ‘The The’ being ‘The The’ as well.
In written form, you have to do the work to differentiate the two sounds, but when you do you see the same thing as different.

What else can you do this with?