Google Plus is Google – the next generation

When +Denis Labelle shared a post on Google+ applied to organisations
( he added a front end frame of “Google+ is Google”.
Then I realised that Google+ is the next generation of Google. Simple.
Google+ is the combination of the products and services Google have produced, integrates them, using a social layer to bind them together.
This got me thinking about evolution…

The process of evolution applied.

Writer and considered to be one of the world’s greatest thinkers, Ken Wilber, when something evolves it follows a process of parts coming together into a ‘whole’.
Just as I have described in relation to the new Google, Google+.
As this process of evolution occurs, it will ‘transcend but include’ what went before it. In other words, evolution does not negate the building blocks which form the new ‘whole’. Take the example of how bacterium combined a couple of billion years ago to form the cells; those cells taking on a unique function that would in turn deliver a function within the larger, more integrated whole – for instance, cells, which in turn combined into organs, eventually creating a larger ‘body’.
In this way, when cells combine to form an organ in the body, for instance, the process does not remove the ‘cellness of the cell’, just transcends to include it in a higher order of function i.e. the role it ultimately takes on in the body. This is the concept of ‘holons and holarchy’ i.e. where a holon is both a part and a whole   #koestler
As Wilber says, “Evolution goes beyond what went before, but because it must embrace what went before, then its very nature is to transcend and include, and thus it has an inherent directionality, a secret impulse, toward increasing depth, increasing intrinsic value, increasing consciousness.”
(If you want to do something fun, then Google the words “Ken Wilber” and look at the first result. The + sign is a very interesting+ pleasant coincidence for this article.)

So, how does this relate to being part of Google’s process of integration?

We know Google+ adds a “social layer” to Google’s products and services and we are part of that social aspect. In our online social experience, there is also culture, or multitude of cultures (non-biological), that will continue to emerge. The core community of Google, the Commoogle of which so many are an integral part, often has the quality of cooperation in the same way as aspects of a body work together towards a more integrated flow of information. In other words, culture and systems work hand in hand. We still, however, have our own uniqueness – just because we are included in a greater ‘whole’ does not negate the individual and what they bring to the experience. We have our internal experience as an aspect of a great whole and we contirbute through our actions, including every significant +1. We contribute as a part, whilst being integrated into the whole.

If we look back at the seemingly disparate aspect of Google’s services, including Search, Youtube, Gmail, Calendars, Wallet (when checkout becomes fully integrated) etc, we can now see an integration into a more cohesive whole, with Google+’s social layer at the centre.

This, it would seem, is a process of Google unification, leading to unity of services across the board: Googlunity. Where unity ‘is the combination or arrangement of parts into a whole’.(
People are now part of the process of information flow more than ever: an integral part. Every +1 is a vote of relevance within the system; we decide what we want to reinforce or starve of our attention with every click, creating a new form of social system. Here is a post I wrote on this:
We also create and curate content that will appear in search results which are tailored in relevance to the appropriate audience, including depending upon which circles to whom the content was originally shared.

In conclusion…

Google+ is Google.
It is simply the next phase in Google’s evolution.
Considering +Sergey Brin and +Larry Page set up Google to “solve the worlds problems” (check out Steven levy’s book “In the Plex” to get more of the story

We can see that the new integrated form of Google, Google+, will bring people together in new ways, echoing the words of +Vic Gundotra
As more and more aspects of Google become integrated, we will experience the world transform, with us as an active part of it all.
Very exciting indeed.

p.s. Also I have written an introductory application of Ken Wilber’s 4 Quadrant model to Google+ here:

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