Want to learn more about using Google Plus for Business?

Here is an excellent video from the Google Business team on the “why” and the “what of using Google Plus for Business. It is specifically geared towards publishers but much of the information is of universal use.

So, grab a coffee, sit back and relax as you spend a little time simply letting the Google+ ecosystem come together even more…


Ronnie Bincer has been kind enough to put an index together below.
Check out his site here for more expert skills on YouTube: www.GooTubePlus.com/MasterClass

0:53 – Google+… what, why & where
1:22 – G+ Number of Users, 100M 30-day Active on core platform, 12+min. / day, 1M+ web-sites use G+
2:26 – Google Plus Mobile (50%+ of traffic is on mobile)
3:29 – 120+ Integrations into other Google Products
3:46 – Youtube/Google Plus further Integration planned
…what I call GooTubePlus!
4:25 – Google Plus: The Social Spine
4:47 – Google+ Growth Curve so far (400 Million+)
5:32 – Grow Audience; Deepen Audience Interaction with G+
6:20 – Social Recommendations
7:54 – Social Recommendations in PPC Ads
8:50 – Social Recommendations on Core Search pgs (SERPS)
9:58 – Rewarding a Page…
Building a G+ PAGE Special note: re. amount of activity suggested
11:25 – Rewarding a Profile (an individual)
Google Authorship & Author Bylines
14:32 – G+ Engagement
15:21 – Increased Time on (your website) Page
16:29 – Google+ Badge on Website
17:11 – Hangouts: Multi-party Web Video Live Experience
19:12 – Hangout Apps (improving the hangout experience)
20:42 – Summary
…Q & A…
22:15 – Where does Google Plus Activity surface (show up)?
23:55 – Getting a Google+ Page Verified
25:10 END OF CONTENT – no need to watch any further

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