This video will explain how Google+ is so much more than just a social platform!
When I first shared this video within Google+, it received 2000 views in just over a day.
It certainly hit the mark, including being shared by Guy Kawasaki across all his networks.
He even sent me a message saying I had been ‘Kawasakied!’

What is getting Kawasakied?

As defined in the Urban Dictionary, we find it is…

To have your blog linked to or acknowledged by someone famous like Guy Kawasaki who totally kicks ass, but if you told your mom about it she’d be like “Huh? What’s a blog? Hey, is that the guy who invented the motorcycle?”
“Dude. My blog got totally Kawasakied today!”

Here is the video that is getting all the attention:



Content includes:

Google+ – the social destination and the social layer
Google+, example of two circles
Gmail, related to Google+
Google Search including personalized results and Google authorship
+1 button on the website
Google Search – an easy ‘follow’ link for a company with a page (so they are opting in) and you can follow your fans back!
Google Maps and Google Local e.g. reviews and Zagart, event with friends
Can link your Google+ Page to your website – driving traffic to somewhere more intimate
Google+ Page – and links into communities where you can interact with fans
Google adwords, +1s of a page (social extensions turned on) – link straight to your Google+ Page
Google Adwords – +1s on display ads, bottom of the page
Android, inc. Google Maps
Google Now
Play, can share with circles music for one complete play
Hangouts, (can invite circles) also using hangouts on air you can do live streams to YouTube
Youtube – your own channel; hoosing who can ‘see’ your content and with whom you want to share content, sharing content generally
Drive and documents – sharing folders and collaboration with files
Calendar, and events (can invite circles)
Wallet – what I have bought
Google Offers
Google Chrome
Google Chromebook