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Google Apps for Business will help companies “discover a better way of working” through their cloud based services. If you have yet to experience Google Apps, it can make a tremendous difference to how you think about collaborative working.






When I starting using Google Apps my online world changed forever. No longer did I need to ‘pass emails’ with attachments back and forth to people with whom I was working; instead, we could work together in the cloud, real time and even get virtually face-to-face in Google Hangouts.

Here is a great, quick video that shows you how it works…

With 5 million companies already using Google Apps, the question for me, however, is how should a business approach the subject, and as such I brought in an expert to answer some of my questions.

Some of the most frequently asked questions:

In this Q&A session with Google App consultant Douglas Baumwall on the subject of Google Apps you will get some idea of the content we cover in the video below – but that will take it a lot further, especially in relation to the ability to collaborate using Google Apps.

  1. Martin: What is Google Apps?

    Douglas: Google Apps come in different flavors. Most people are familiar with Google’s consumer apps like search and Gmail. Google Apps for Business is like Google’s consumer services, but enhanced to help business teams produce more income at lower cost. There are some big differences between the two solutions. For example, Google Apps for Business:

    1. is customized for the business Internet domain so email addresses end in instead of

    2. includes 24/7/365 email and telephone support.

    3. includes web based organization and administration of all organizational units, users & devices across your domain(s) from a web based admin console.

  2. Martin: Why should a company consider Google Apps?

    Douglas: Companies should consider Google Apps if they want to stay competitive and leverage the cloud to move their business process away from local servers running legacy software. Over 5 million businesses have already switched to Google Apps for Business to save time, money and labor while enjoying constant enterprise innovation. For example, they can save approximately ⅓ to ½ the cost of legacy solutions like Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

  3. Martin: Shouldn’t this be the first decision before really embracing Google+?

    Douglas: Google+ is available to anyone with a Google Account regardless of whether they’re using a personal or business account.

  4. Martin: What do they need? e.g. their own website

    Douglas: Google Apps for Business requires an Internet domain; websites are optional.

  5. Martin: So, in a way, the first step to Google Apps is having their own website?

    Douglas: Google Apps for Business requires an Internet domain; websites are optional.

  6. Martin: There seem to be two benefits – cost and collaboration – could you expand a little on each?

    Douglas: It’s easy to see cost reduction as the main benefit of Going Google, but many users report the increase in productivity is a greater benefit.

  7. Martin: Can people who already have a Google+ account move across later on? But what are the challenges?
    Douglas: People who have a Google account can always create additional accounts. The challenge is planning and executing a strategy that achieves your goals. For example, I use three accounts. One is personal, and the other two are for different businesses. You may also choose to use additional domains within a single Google Apps account.

  8. Martin: How much does it cost? And what can go wrong?
    Douglas: Google Apps cost $5/user/month or $50/user/year. There are also optional costs for services like migration of existing data, change management, training, integration, Google Vault, and various third party services.

    I’m not aware of any business platform that works better, continues to improve at such a fast pace, has better support, or has a better uptime record. I think last year’s uptime was around 99.983%. The biggest risk of something going wrong is when there is insufficient planning and change management. Setting up Google Apps for Business is not rocket science. What can go wrong is when the change is not planned and managed properly in order to minimize disruption and maximize the benefits. Google realizes that, and that’s why they have worked so hard to develop their Authorized Reseller community. There are also certifications awarded by Google. For example, I’m a Google Apps Certified Sales Specialist and a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist.

  9. How can people get in touch with you, and what is your ‘reach’ e.g. overseas?


    2. Most of our customers are in the US, although we have users in the UK as well. Unless you need on site service, you can get expert assistance online from resellers all over the world. Last year I migrated a few hundred thousand messages from an Exchange server in London.
      So please do get in touch and ask how I can help.

Video interview about Google Apps (a little over 30 mins)

Here is the interview which covers many of the questions above, and much more…

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