Shared Circles are a very important tool for collaboration and finding interesting content on Google+. They are a way of bringing together people with shared interests. is a website that helps you find shared Circles and see all sorts of interesting statistics about Google+ users. Ever wonder how many shared Circles you’re in? CircleCount can tell you.


Topics covered:

  • Searching for Circles on
  • Adding a Circle
  • Giving access, signing in and looking at my dashboard
  • Finding people who have added me into Circles
  • Thank them as a way of building a relationship

Sharing your Circles

Sharing circles can be of great benefit when you do it correctly…and sparingly.

Now that you’ve found several circles you like, you can share them with the people who already have you in their circles. Be sure to include yourself, if the category is appropriate for you, when sharing a circle. This can end up increasing your follower count.

Unintended reactions

While you may get more followers by sharing a circle and including yourself in that circle, there is an interesting emotional response that goes along with it. Some people may consider frequent sharing of circles to be shameless self promotion. People who already have you in their circles may even choose to remove you or put you in a circle that doesn’t appear in their ‘All’ stream if they see too many flying by…

Pyramid Schemes?

You may well find there are pyramid-type-circle-schemes that promise to increase your follower count if you add and publicly share their circles. This is usually done by creating a multitude of pages specifically for the purpose of sharing circles with the other pages included, then they get regular users in on the game.

Possibly, some say, even worse than buying Likes on Facebook or Followers on Twitter!
BUT…it is up to you what you do!  As you probably know, as there is 5000 person limit on your circles, it may mean you might want to avoid low quality contacts to your circles.
As I say, circles are central to Google+ in my view and they can really help you to build more great connections.

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