This is a letter I wrote to Rhys from Goldie Lookin Chain when their gig at Cardiff’s Pride event was cancelled.


Dear Rhys,

I was recently shocked to read the news in Wales Online about Goldie Lookin Chain being cancelled from Cardiff’s Pride parade end August.

It has long been known that GLC has fought for free love in the broadest sense.

Take your cheerful tune ‘Sister’, for example. Not only are you suggesting free love of your girlfriend’s sister, but also her best friend – this is the groundbreaking, stereotyping busting attitude we’ve all come to expect from GLC over many years.

In addition, when you consider Mr Eggsy recently cited his pride in Elton John’s back catalogue, I see the case for wrongful cancellation is clearly made.

Finally, I would like to say how delighted with your performance both myself and Elisa were at our wedding earlier this year. Although, looking back, we wonder if we were too vanilla not asking for a rendition of the ditty including the line ‘like an ice sculpture made for a wedding’, seeing as it was so apt for the occasion.

I wish you all the best in future endeavours, and hope you beef has survived the recent smashing.