Dear Mary Lou,

The time has come to reach out and say how much I’ve been inspired by you over the years, especially in regard to how it manifests as ‘Open Water’.

I’m always on the look out for the next wave of communication, and see the ripples forming in my mind as to how I can help people surf what is appearing on the near horizon.

After living in California, I’ve found myself back in the UK and sat on the shoreline where tech, mind and comedy meet – with myself and wife Elisa (married earlier this year in Virtual Reality) having worked on a recent BBC show: (9 mins segment).

And in October I am presenting at the Welsh Government (supported by our local Member of Parliament) a brief introduction to Open Water, which will be recorded as a 30 minute show, Consciousness Changing Comedy.

As I say, I see where you are leading us and appreciate the approach you’ve taken – afterall, it doesn’t need a sledgehammer to awaken a sleeping world.

Yours, Martin