Take one date (in a digital format):

0202 2020

And you then take a second date (in the same digital format):

0505 2020

Then answer the following puzzle:

What is the next date in the future which follows BOTH the rules that to which each date (in that format) adheres at the same time…

Want a clue?

Well, you need to work out the rules (or remind yourself), and then look at the ‘nature of the numbers’ themself – knowing we did have 2s become 5s, and 5s become 2s.

Ok, answer coming up, but before we check if you got it let’s recap on the rules.

The first number – 0202 2020 can be rotated 180 degrees to give the same number along a 2D plain.

The second number – 0505 2020 can be rotated in a 3D space around the central point so the back becomes the front, and front becomes the back.

So in the future, any date with a 3 or a 4 or a 6 or 7 or 9 cannot ‘work’, and the answer has to be either 1s, 0’s or 8’s as they are the only symmetrical numbers:

0808 8080

That is a long way off, but a date to have in your digital diary.