Building a Network on Google+7 tips on how to build an awesome network on Google+

combined with a culture of collaboration = commoogling!

Whether you are looking at Google Plus for business or just for a vibrant online social life, who you have in circles and who you connect with can make all the difference.

Here are a few tips I have received along the way on how to build a network of people with whom you want to interact on Google+…

A few key aspects to consider include:

1. Decide on what you want to be doing on Google+
For you, is this social media platform for passion, pleasure, professional, philosophical conversations or even finding people to whom you simply relate…? You can decide or just let it happen! Either way, you make it your own.

2. Find people you want to be doing it with!
Search by “hashtags”, “shared circles” “profiles” “pages” “communities” and add them into relevant circles. There are so many ways you can make Google+ your own and build your personalised network.

3. You can then just look at people’s posts within specific circles and have that as your stream depending on what you want to experience

4. Build up circles based on people “bringing people together”.
These form part of your network and…

5. You can then share the circle with others as limited or open as a public post. But when you share public more people will find it and if they want, they can add the circle in as part of your network. Sharing circles is a natural way to build your network based around passions, as +Guy Kawasaki would say!

6. Engage and interact with people you relate to and want to build a connection with. It is a two way process but often needs one person to initiate the contact.

7. Be willing to help people out!
This is a huge part about belonging to the community, relationships are often formed best through working together and helping each other out.

The more we do this, the more information tends to flow more easily between as well.
Sharing people’s posts will be part of it as well. After all, who doesn’t like to see those ripples spread!


We are connecting in a totally new global way.

Google+ is not Facebook.

There is a wonderful opportunity for you to find people you want in your life. And you might find that building your own network of connections enriches it as well. And of course Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence will all play a part as well. An article on that here:

All in all, it will be through positive exchanges with people to whom your relate that will make Google+ an incredible experience.