Back in the late 1990’s when I first threw myself into the dot com world with a project called (online, bite sized learning in your lunch hour) I had the good fortune to connect with an incredible man name Tim Healey.
For the next three years, almost every day – and I mean 5+ times a week – I would either have long mentoring sessions with Tim, or take a visit to him and his wife, Pat, at their home.
They are a couple of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and I hope they know my gratitude for their support during this time, and long afterwards, until this very day.
I should point out that Tim has a couple of PhDs (in Metallurgy as he worked in the Nuclear Industry) but his life experience, and ‘people skills’ are what he imparted.

Let’s run through, in a video guide way, some of the things I learned from Tim in relation to communication, relationships, and generally how we can make our lives and those around us, a little better.

  1. Where you will be in 5 years time is down to the books that you read and the people you spend your time with
  2. Everyone needs a vehicle
  3. What is the nature of relationship you are seeking to have
  4. What’s wrong here? George Soros
  5. A little black heart – don’t say that snarky comment
  6. You will only rise as high as your pathologies
  7. Don’t say ‘dealing with difficult people’
  8. People become arrogant when they are not successful enough
  9. Write in your books. They are much easier to go back to; and make notes about people, and times of life
  10. Have a back up plan
  11. Don’t quote yourself
  12. ‘Free willy’ (um, yes)
  13. You may not enjoy doing the garden, but you like the way it looks.
  14. Not having an axe to grind
  15. No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care (Theodore Roosevelt)
  16. ‘That which goes beyond’
  17. People don’t like being ‘got’
  18. We all have the same amount of time, it is all about our priorities.
  19. Not holding back on giving content/answers when someone asks a question, even when you are not certain they will understand it
  20. When is enough, enough?

There you have it! Don’t just read the list, watch the 15 minute video. I am on a beach. It is worth it! Let me know if you like this, and maybe there will be more to follow…