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I’ve written a few books, got married in Virtual Reality, done a bit of stand-up comedy, and believe I’ll be the first person to make Artificial Intelligence laugh. Crazy? Or Genius? We’ll see.



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Things that contain each other: mutually dependant concepts

The premise of this project is as follows: if you can understand how comedy works, you can understand how ‘the mind’ works. But we don’t get taught how to think, or rather, we get taught how to think ‘in opposites’. I first came across this idea when reading Fritjov...

The story of the Crazy/Genius logo

May 2017 myself and Elisa got married in Virtual Reality as a pair of robot avatars, filmed by the BBC. We decided to postpone our honeymoon, and instead hang around in South Wales enjoying summer. One Sunday afternoon I received a call from my Mum’s bestie, Jan,...

The Royal Institute for the Blind and The British Library

Myself and Elisa were on London Tube’s Metropolitan line after visiting exhibit named ‘The Psychology of Magic’. The tannoy came on as we approached the stop ‘Kings Cross St Pancras’ when a female voice said, ‘“Alight here for the Royal Institute for the Blind and The...