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I’ve written a few books, got married in Virtual Reality, done a bit of stand-up comedy, and believe I’ll be the first person to make Artificial Intelligence laugh. Crazy? Or Genius? We’ll see.



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A Strategic Approach to Social Virtual Reality (VR)

A Strategic Approach to Social Virtual Reality for: Presenters, Entertainers, Healthcare workers and Content Marketers By Martin Shervington, with research by Dr. Greg Thomas Index Introduction Section 1: The Future - Why Current Situation is Irrelevant Section 2:...

Virtual Reality wedding

Myself and Elisa got married in Virtual Reality (VR) May 25th 2017, and had a section of a BBC documentary about us. I've put together a video covering both: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6sJVTJaWg0   If you would like to have more on the background to it all the...