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‘Ready Player One?’

Introduction: The past 4 years have been a true voyage of discovery. I'd arrived on Google+ with the aim of promoting a couple of books, and instead began to learn so much about tech and the potential for transforming our futures. And I truly had no idea what I was...

What’s with all the jokes?

“What’s with all the jokes?” Well, I’m glad you asked. I consider myself to be the best in the world at two things: making love, and joke telling. And ok, the first one was a joke. I don’t mean stand-up comedy, for those that have seen me, you know I am 7/10 on a good...

My predications for 2016

For a bit of fun, I thought I would put together a very brief post about my predictions for 2016. My main prediction is incredibly simple, and won't be surprised to anybody who follows me already and social media: 1. 2016 will start to see a huge push on VR and 360...

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